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Protect and make more healty our environment!
Our Garden

The garden of your dreams should express your special relationship with nature.
Spending quite and peaceful time in your garden can help you make your life more complete.
Do you want to be free?
Observe nature around you.
Open your eyes and your garden will set you free!  Its secrets will provide you with endless happiness and fulfilment.
We cannot overpower nature but we can make our world more enjoyable. Respect your environment and make it more beautiful. Gardening will renew your energy, refresh your senses, and recreate harmony in your life and home.

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For healthy enviroment

Look at your garden with respect, since it is a special part of your home!

Kerti garnitúra

We are happy to see that more and more homeowners pay attention to their gardens as much as their houses. Your garden is part of your home and we can effectively extend your living space with it. Developing your landscape is a creative activity and can be a source of limitless pleasure.

A cosy furnished garden or balcony can contribute to the quality of your leisure time, something that has become increasing scarce.Wood is a gift from nature. Using various types of wood we can form an intimate atmosphere around us. If you love the warmth of wood and prefer simple, clean shapes you will find several solutions on our website. With these solutions, you can link your indoor and outdoor environments, drawing you closer to the magic of nature.

We respect nature deeply, and so we only offer products that meet environmental protection requirements.

Let us help you protect and make your home enviroment healthier!

Useful Tips
Tavaszi kertgondozás Így tavasz kezdetén a tartós hideg napok elmúltával végre valahára kimozdulhatunk kertünkbe és nekikezdhetünk egy alapos kerti nagytakarításnak. Miközben kertünk arculata kezdi visszanyerni pompáját, ugyanúgy nyerjük vissza... read more...
Tavaszi gyepápolás Mivel kertünk legnagyobb felületét többnyire a gyep teszi ki, és annak állapota rányomja hangulatát kertünk összképére, így érthető, hogy  tavaszi munkálataink közt mielőbb szeretnénk a gyepkarbantartást elvégezni. read more...
Kertitó tisztítása, karbantartása

Akárcsak a növények, a kerti tó is állandó gondoskodást igényel, mivel folyamatos változásban van.

Komplex NPK szerves növénytápok

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Komplex NPK Szerves
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