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Cloured Wood Chips

This unique material known as wood chips,  comes as a waste from  the exploitation of pine. We do not rarefy the environment by it, though we fertilize and decorate it.

The coloured wood chips  is offered for covering soil not only for decoration purposes but for functional ones as well: preventing the soil from drying up and clogging; protecting it from large variations in temperature; suppresses weeds. Being a product coloured with ecologically safe coloures with a neutral PH value it has a slow self decaying process.

Cloured Wood Chips

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Cloured Wood Chips
  Manufacturer Product Name Options
Faapríték -sárga GarMed

Decor Wood Chips Yellow, 70l


Faapríték vörös GarMed

Decor Wood Chips Red, 70l

Faapríték narancs GarMed

Decor Wood Chips Orange, 70l

Faapríték barna GarMed

Decor Wood Chips Brown, 70l

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